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December 2014

Rabbi’s Message


Settling Down?

This is a time of great change at CJC as we prepare for the merger next summer with Dix Hills Jewish Center. But we live in a time of tremendous change in all of the institutions with which we are affiliated—schools, businesses, government. We may dream of stability, but will we have any?

The Torah tells us,” Jacob settled down in the land where his father had sojourned” (Genesis 37:1).  Remember that he fled from Esau, worked extra years to marry Rachel, left his father in law Laban, and wrestled with the angel. Now he finally gets to take it easy—or does he?  What follows next is the story of Joseph and his brothers. Jacob has missed the plot; he thinks his story is over, but it isn’t. No real “settling down” for him.

Let me suggest to you that the same is true for us as a synagogue. Once the merger is complete, it will not be a time to settle down. We should not think of it as a time to rest, but rather as a new time of growth and development.

In practical terms, our members will have to make new friends at DHJC; of course, we will keep our old friends from CJC, and the DHJC people are very friendly, but we will still need to make an effort to get to know them. We also need to continue to grow as Jews and as human beings; this means, we should challenge ourselves to learn more and give more of our time, talents and resources.

But the challenge will be good for us. The effort we put in will make our lives stimulating, not boring, and will help to ensure a Jewish future here in the place of our sojourning.  Jacob was not allowed to settle down. We should not settle down either.

Bivichat ha-hemshek/ With blessing for the continuation,

Rabbi David Klatzker

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